How to regularly care for your stone surfacing

Adding a stone feature to your home adds much more style and detail to your area, but it is important that any stone material is well cared for regularly. Natural stone surfaces that are regularly and correctly maintained are much more likely to retain their stylish look and feel for longer than stones that are

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Tile Cleaning – Problems and Solutions

The Problems: The Tile Tiles provide the perfect smooth surface for any area whether indoor or outdoor. Tiles are also a great choice of flooring for any home as they are generally quite low maintenance. However over time, the hard tile surfaces are often scratched and dented from wear and tear and inevitably create small

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Don’t Attempt To Restore Your Own Marble Without Reading This First!

Marble has been a popular fixture in the home for as long as history has been recorded, with the ancient Greeks using the stone in their baths, pools and temples. As manufacturing methods have improved and marble’s use has become more widespread, everyone can enjoy beautiful marble surfaces and tiles in their home should they

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Don’t Replace Your Old Tiles – Professionally Clean Them!

Laying tiles is a process, but in the end, it’s worth it for the way your surface looks, indoors or outdoors. But how do you keep it looking brand new? Before you rip out your old, worn tiles and start again from scratch, remember that you can renew your old tiles with a professional cleaning.

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Keep Your Concrete Surfaces Stain Free With A Quality Concrete Coating!

Concrete surfaces are a great addition to high traffic areas in the home or workplace. You don’t have to worry about heavy objects causing cracks, and concrete is a very difficult surface to scratch or chip. It’s also affordable, quick to lay down, long lasting and fire/damp resistant. Of course, that doesn’t mean its immune

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