marble6 - Different Tile Options.

Choosing tiles is a tough task with the range of different types and textures. Whether its for your bathroom, kitchen, outdoor area, laundry or living area, there is a lot to consider when deciding on the perfect style. The choice can be quite overwhelming, so to help narrow down the decision the follow offers some insight into the different material options.


Natural Stone

If you’re looking for a clean look, a marble statement, dark or light effects, natural stone tiles may be the way to go. With such a large range of stone options, natural tiles are perfect for interior styles as they vary from traditional to contemporary feels. They are durable and easy to care for when sealed, making them a good option for high traffic areas. Suitable with underfloor heating, these tiles make a great option for both internal and external surfaces while offering a unique look to any space.



Porcelain tiles are usually a very popular choice for kitchen and bathroom surfaces as they are available in glazed, unglazed and polished looks to create a formal look to any home.

These tiles are suitable for high traffic areas as they are hardwearing and don’t accumulate bacteria as much as other types of tile. These tiles are low maintenance, easy to clean and won’t fade in quality or colour. They have a low porosity and absorption feature which fits well for bathrooms and moist areas. But they are also suitable for outdoor areas and go well with an underfloor heating system. The glazed touch to these tiles also assists in preventing visibility of any scratches and dents that may present.



Ceramic stone is probably the most common tile material for domestic surfaces. Ceramic tiles are made with a combination of clay, sand and water. They are moulded into shape and then baked to harden into tiles.

Ceramic material is also one of the cheapest tile materials as it is readily accessible and versatile in many areas. It is great for everyday use at the stone is durable in most conditions and is lasting. The material itself can offer a range of colours, designs and finishes (gloss or matte) and is an easy surface to clean (either by sweeping or mopping).

Ceramic tile installation is often a simple process as the tile is easy to cut and fit to shape.



An extension from the above materials are mosaics. These tiles are made in a variety of materials that include those outlined above. Mosaics can often be a great choice when looking to add a colour burst or statement to a room. The natural reflective effect of the mosaic glass can offer any room a brighter and bigger feel. They are stain resistant and simple to clean with a damp cloth or quick mop over.