Laying tiles is a process, but in the end, it’s worth it for the way your surface looks, indoors or outdoors. But how do you keep it looking brand new? Before you rip out your old, worn tiles and start again from scratch, remember that you can renew your old tiles with a professional cleaning.

Life happens. Heavy items are dropped and liquids are spilt. Children track mud and pets bring in messes from outside. A mop will take care of obvious visible muck, but after time your tiles will lose their ‘brand new’ glean and start looking dull and drab. Many people put off a thorough clean for weeks, months and then years. By this time, even a firm scrubbing won’t be enough to get years of impacted grime off the surface.

If you’ve ever visited a friend and been surprised by their ‘new’ tiles but can’t recall them having them put in, then you’ve officially discovered their secret. Savvy homeowners know that they don’t need to replace their tiles every few years when they starting looking their age. They simply bring in professional cleaners to give the area a makeover. And the best part is that once these tiles have been restored, they can be sealed to keep them looking that way.

The usual tile cleaning process provides protection against everything from weather to salt, whether tiles are indoors or outdoors. Tiles are cleaned using professional industrial rotary scrubbing and cleaning pad equipment, depending on how dense the tile is (porous tiles will require a gentler approach). Your grout will also get a thorough cleaning to return it to its original state, and a final seal will be applied to keep things looking good in the future.

If you’re looking for someone to professionally clean your tiles, make sure you ask them how long the final sealant should last (up to 10 years is good, over 15 is great) and what they use to clean different types of tiles (they should have different methods depending on the porosity and density of the tile in question). When you get an answer you’re happy with, you can begin!

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