path1 - Embracing indoor and outdoor living.

Summer is arguably the best time of year to be outside, enjoying the sunshine and constant daylight. Winters here in Melbourne can be quite bleak, so when the sun decides to shine, we need to take the opportunity to get out and enjoy it. As the warmer months start to approach, its time to bring the indoors out!


Warmer nights are best spent outdoors and it helps to have a comfy and inviting place to encourage and allow us to do all things we would be doing indoors, outdoors. Simple past times with the family such as having dinner together, watching tv, and just general after work/school conversation can all be taken outside to make the most of our stunning warmer seasons.


Many people these days will say that your backyard/garden area is not just an outdoor space, it is essentially another room to your house. It is a space that can be altered and utilised into an area fun for family interaction and activities as well as remaining tranquil for any free time throughout the day for a rest in the sun.


Bringing the indoors outside doesn’t have to be a strain on your budget either! Aside from tiles, there are plenty of other things you can do to create the ideal outdoor area. Outdoor furniture is a great start. More modern designs have been made to withstand all weather conditions and seasons. Materials such as wood, metal or rattan will all remain in great condition through various environments. Bargain stores are stocking these styles for very reasonable prices that still give the elegant and comfortable look at an affordable price.


Tables and chairs are a great way to amplify the warmth of your outdoor space, and for those with smaller sized areas, a small coffee table and chair set will create the same ambience as a full sized dining table would.


In most of todays modern garden areas, outdoor sofas and chairs are a decadent feature that add comfort and pleasure to the space. These spaces often include an outdoor dining table and possibly a small bar space for those family dinners or bigger social dining parties. This not only provides a warm hang out space for you and your family, but creates efficiency as you can spend more time on those sunny days outside, without having to run inside, back and forth all the time.


A big garden area is not required to make this happen. These days, more and more people are beginning to blend their indoor flooring outwards which creates a seamless look and feel as well as giving the entire area of the garden and the indoor space, the appearance of one large room. This is becoming easier to do with advancing developments in tiling and flooring that can make your home look stylish and effortless at the same time.


Many modern flooring companies today hold a large range of outdoor surfacing that offer variety and diversity that gives you a vast choice of styles and textures to add to your outdoor living area. These materials range from tiles to wooden boards to concrete and stone that can all give your home its own unique feel.


When you decide on a flooring type for your area, it is important to get the right advice from a professional about the correct ways to protect and care for your new surface. IRock Finishes can provided the best tips and practices to ensuring the quality of your outdoor area. We also offer a range of surfaces that will aid in this process in order to ensure your floor is durable and will keep its fresh look and feel as long as possible in years to come.