Concrete surfaces are a great addition to high traffic areas in the home or workplace. You don’t have to worry about heavy objects causing cracks, and concrete is a very difficult surface to scratch or chip.

It’s also affordable, quick to lay down, long lasting and fire/damp resistant. Of course, that doesn’t mean its immune to the passage of time, and even the hardiest concrete surface can start looking a bit scruffy. To prevent this from happening, get a concrete coating at the outset to preserve its original appearance.

A major downside to concrete is its porosity, and homeowners with concrete garages will know how easy it is for a concrete surface to absorb oil spills, tyre tracks and more. As garages become a more functional area of the home, Australians are starting to pay attention to how they look and are realising that a stained and dull concrete surface can give off a negative impression should they try sell their home in the future. It is in your best interest to keep this area looking as good as new for as long as possible.

To retain your concrete floor and keep it looking bright and stain free, all you need to do is get it professionally coated. It’s a quick and relatively painless process that we recommend you do as soon as possible after getting your concrete floor installed. Simply contact a professional concrete coating company – if you’re located in Melbourne you can get in touch with iRock Finishes. They will come to your property and seal your concrete surface with an industrial grade epoxy resin coating to keep it looking brand new.

Your concrete coating should last several years at least, but like all coatings this will depend on where the surface is. For example, high traffic areas that are constantly seeing cars coming in and out will probably show signs of wear sooner and if you frequently work with chemical liquids and paints you might also need a touch-up sooner rather than later.

The best thing to do is to seek out professional assistance, as a concrete coating professional will be able to tell you what would be best for your particular needs.