Marble has been a popular fixture in the home for as long as history has been recorded, with the ancient Greeks using the stone in their baths, pools and temples. As manufacturing methods have improved and marble’s use has become more widespread, everyone can enjoy beautiful marble surfaces and tiles in their home should they wish – and unlike the ancient Greeks, we’ve found a way to keep it looking good. Provided you leave the job to the professionals though.

You cannot really surpass marble’s elegance when it comes to appearance. The fact that the stone remains as popular today as it did hundreds of years ago is testament to the fact that it has no visual equal. What puts people off using marble in the home though is the perception that it is a high maintenance stone.

Comprised of high amounts of calcium carbonate, marble is very vulnerable to the kind of etching and staining that cannot be removed by normal household products and cleaning methods. Marble is a stone that can age beautifully and increase in character over time but the challenge is to find a balance between preserving it and allowing it to develop.

If you have marble in your home (or perhaps are considering using the stone) you don’t have to resign yourself to watching it degrade over time and eventually getting rid of it altogether. You certainly shouldn’t try cleaning, restoring or sealing it yourself either. You need to look for a professional with experience in treating and restoring marble surfaces and request assistance.

Marble stone restoration is best left to professionals who know what they’re doing and have access to all the right equipment that gets results. Because it is such a fragile stone, most restorers use specialised diamond polishers to remove burn marks, scratches and stains – polishers that aren’t available to the general public. These complex machines can generate dust that is harmful when inhaled, which is why experts with access to dust free cutting technology are best suited to get the job done.

It only takes one wrong move to damage a priceless marble surface forever. So instead of chancing it, allow professionals to create a predictable outcome that you can look forward to.

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