Adding a stone feature to your home adds much more style and detail to your area, but it is important that any stone material is well cared for regularly. Natural stone surfaces that are regularly and correctly maintained are much more likely to retain their stylish look and feel for longer than stones that are ignored. Here are some tips to maintain your stone.


Dirt can often scratch the surface of your flooring if left unattended to. Be sure to sweep your floors on a daily basis to prevent this from happening and evicting the accumulation of dirt in the grout. This can be done simply with a broom but the use of a microfibre mop will give a more efficient sweep. This will ensure all dirt and dust is picked up and effectively removed from the stone surface.

For rough textured surfaces, often a quick vacuum proves more effective than sweeping. This is because the suction from the vacuum will sufficiently draw out all the dirt within the textured surface. Although it is important to check that the vacuum wheels do no hold any grit or rough surface of their own that could possible scratch the flooring.

It is also helpful to mop regularly after sweeping and vacuuming. This will ensure all residual dirt is picked up in the moisture of the mop head whilst also providing a more thorough clean with warm water and a light cleaning product. Though it is important you remember to change the water regularly so that dirt isn’t continually being transferred to and from the floor.

Outdoor areas

Outdoor stone floors should be swept on a weekly basis to ensure all dirt is removed from the small hideaways in the textured surfaces. To clean outdoor tiles, simply hose them down with clean water and a mild stone detergent on a monthly basis to remove any excess dirt. It is important to remove any algae or moss as soon as possible as they can stain the tiles if ignored. Do this through the use of a scourer NOT a wire brush and follow through with a chlorine solution and sponge to kill any remaining bacteria and rinse thoroughly.

If your outdoor floors are looking dull, it may be worth getting a professional heavy duty clean once a year to ensure no dirt is left in hidden areas and that your stone is in it’s best possible condition.

Bench tops

For bench tops, clean the stone surface with a recommended cleaning product and a soft damp cloth. It is important to regularly rinse out the cloth whilst cleaning to avoid accumulating bacteria and other substances that may scratch the surface. It is also crucial to clean up spills as soon as possible as they will only carve the surface of stone bench tops. Dry with a soft cloth and be sure not to use abrasive cleaners as these will damage the surface.


In order to effectively remove soap scum from your shower surface, the use of an appropriate product and pad scourer should do the job sufficiently. Using acidic products is highly advised against as these products may only dull the colour of the stone surface. Ideally you are after a product that isn’t too harsh to cause this defect but effective enough to clear all scum and bacteria from the shower surface.

If you are attempting to remove mould, a mild bleach solution applied through a sponge to the affected areas should see positive results. It is important not to leave the solution on the surface for too long nor let it accumulate in other areas as this will damage the colour of the floor. Ensure you rinse the entire area thoroughly with water to remove all residue.

After cleaning shower areas, be sure to dry the entire space with a dry cloth or sponge in order to prevent any further growth of mould and bacteria. Ventilation is also a good idea here to help dry and air out the tile surfaces.

If you find that your stone are constantly accumulating dirt and bacteria, it might be a good idea to check if your tiles have been properly sealed to ensure no substances can be absorbed into either the surface or the grout.

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