Tile Cleaning & Sealing

Regardless if your tiles are inside or out, they require protection from spills, stains, weather or salt attacks. It is of upmost importance to have the surface prepared correctly and sealed with the right product. We initially prepare the tiles through cleaning with a rotary scrubber and a suitable cleaning pad, depending on the density of the tile. We then extract the grout/dirt with a wet vacuum, completely eliminating any unwanted matter that remains. Finally, we seal the surface using the correct product for your tile. Our sealers are backed by a 15 year warranty.

iRock Finishes has spent the last 15 years establishing itself as Melbournes leading service provider for all types of tile cleaning and sealing in Melbourne  – regardless of the type of concrete or the size of the property.

iRock Finishes is the number one provider in Melbourne, delivering you the quality service that your tiled and paved areas deserve. Driveways, paths, pools, work areas, indoor and out, iRock Finishes are the experts in all types of tile cleaning.

iRock Finishes have worked with a wide variety of clients from Luxury Apartments to high end Body Corporates as well as 5 star Hotel Chains. We also work with all residential and commercial clients of all sizes, all across Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

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Tile floors are pretty strong but, over time, your tile floors will endure lots of constant traffic, especially in hotels and public areas. Tiles can become dull, scratched, discoloured and the grout tends to become discoloured or eroded over time.

Before you decide to undergo a massive and very expensive renovation project to replace your tiles you should consider iRock Finishes’ tile cleaning and sealing services in Melbourne.

We have the expertise and industrial machinery that is needed to get any type of tile floor and surface completely cleaned, restored and resealed.

We clean, restore and seal any type of tiles

Our flooring experts offer cleaning and sealing services for any type of tiles and can restore your floors no matter how extensive the damage may seem.

Here are the top tile floor types we can restore for you;

Marble tiles – We can hone, polish and buff your marble tiles for you and offer sealing in Melbourne that will protect these surfaces from future damage.

Porcelain tiles are fragile and that is why we use the best cleaners and industrial diamond technology to restore these types of tiles.

Travertine tiles are much more likely to get stained but we can remove any acid and oil stains as well as scratches.

Granite tiles are tough and expensive but they are perfectly safe when left in the expert hands of our team members.

Terrazzo tiles or engineered stone tiles look messy if they are scratched but we can hone and buff out all scratches and give the surface a shiny and smooth finish.

Limestone tiles

Ceramic tile are no problem for our team and we will also ensure that grout and grooves are professionally cleaned out.

Cement tiles and cement look tiles are also perfectly compatible with our industrial floor cleaning methods.

Our Process for Professional tile cleaning and sealing

At iRock Finishes, we have a team of highly skilled and trained professionals and we only use the best diamond technology machinery to restore and clean tiles.

Our services are perfect for residential floors and we are also great at handling the floors in all hotels and luxury establishments. Here is a quick guide on how our tile cleaning and sealing process works;

Prepare – We first prepare the surface by stripping your floors from all coating, build-up, dirt, and grime.

Hone – Honing is done to remove scratches from tiles and to restore the natural shine and colour.  At this point, grout is also cleaned professionally to get rid of all dirt, build-up or discolouration.

Polishing – Industrial diamond machinery is used to polish the tiles until they are shiny and glossy.

Sealing – Once tile floor cleaning is done, we will apply sealer, which will enhance the natural colours of the tiles and seal and protect the surface from future damage.

Do you want to restore your tile surfaces so they will once again look brand new? If so, give iRock Finishes a call and we will be right over to help you out.

We are passionate about the restoration, rejuvenation, cleaning and sealing of natural stone, unglazed tiles and concrete.

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