The Problems:
The Tile
Tiles provide the perfect smooth surface for any area whether indoor or outdoor. Tiles are also a great choice of flooring for any home as they are generally quite low maintenance. However over time, the hard tile surfaces are often scratched and dented from wear and tear and inevitably create small hidden areas where dirt, oils and bacteria tend to inhabit. When this occurs, the condition of the tiles is likely to rapidly decrease and create a grime filled floor that cannot be properly cleaned simply with the use of a mop and bucket. Waxing over these surfaces doesn’t help rid this accumulated dirt either as it instead seals the grime into the worn tiles. If left alone, these tiny areas of bacteria can be harmful to the health of those living in the space.

The Grout
The main problem with grime accumulation is primarily to do with the properties of the grout used in the tiling. Certain grouts have been found to absorb moisture, oils and sugars that then attract bacteria, dirt and other solids in the floor and alter the appearance of the tiles. This not only darkens the colour of the grout but can also darken the look of the tiles as well.
Some dense chemicals can dilute the intensity of the grime dissolution, but only professional removal will effectively stop the slurry substances from soaking deeper into the grout and tiles. Rotary scrubbers can too sometimes fail to effectively reach into the grout lines in order to omit the dirt.

It is important to notice that dirty tiles and dirty grout is extremely unhygienic and needs to be dealt with on a regular basis. Simply mopping the floors will only exacerbate the problem by adding more moisture and dirt to the tiles and the grout. However, there are other ways to tackle this problem.

The Cleaning Solution:
The approach to cleaning out your tiles and grout simply comes down to the use of the right tools and solutions for the task. IRock finishes has all the appropriate equipment and methods to tackle bacteria accumulation in the grout. Through the use of both rotary scrubbers, cleaning pads and wet vacuums, the tile cleaning team does more than suspend the dirt, but they are able to completely eliminate all unwanted dirt, oils and bacteria found in tile areas. The process firstly tackles all the unwanted discharges and releases them from their anchored position in the floor, ensuring all bacteria in hidden pockets is collected. The floor is then properly sealed to ensure the surface remains free from bacteria and in a clean and healthy state for as long as possible.

This process is proved to rapidly increase the cleanliness state of your worn tiles and improve their appearance by removing all dirt that has caused the tiles to darken in colour. IRock Finishes are one professional tile cleaners in Melbourne and promise a satisfied result to your floors.
If you think your tiles are in need of a clean and refurbishment, contact our team services at IRock Finishes today for a quote on tile cleaning in Melbourne and any other flooring assistance and services.
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