Like it or not, first impressions count, and if you are running a business then the first visual someone will get is often of your paving, as they drive onto your property. Do you think that your paving is giving off a good impression? If not, there is something that you can do about it.

Most paved areas tend to start showing signs of wear quickly. Living in Australia, we can experience rain, wind and intense sunshine all in a single day. And all these elements can slowly wear down a paved surface as time goes by; leaving what was once a bright and attractive paved area looking dull, dreary and older than it is. And with most local businesses having large paved sections for clients to walk through and park in, this could form the first impression they make of your business – consciously or not.

You might think that appearances don’t count, but rough looking paving is more susceptible to developing cracks. Over time, these cracks can spread, decreasing the lifetime of your current paving. Left unchecked, a crack can develop into a crevice or pothole. And the next thing you know, you’re dealing with an irate customer with a damaged tire demanding compensation.

So instead of waiting for your paving to get steadily worse and having to pursue costly damage control methods, why not be proactive and take a step towards getting them professionally cleaned and sealed? It’s a worthwhile investment in the appearance of your business as a good quality seal that has been expertly applied can last up to two decades.

Most typical paving found in Australian businesses and homes is the porous kind consisting of an asphalt mixture. In order to clean it, special rotary scrubbers and cleaning pads will need to be used that are abrasive enough to get the job done without being harsh enough to cause damage. Once the paved area has been gently cleaned, hardened grout and dirt is extracted using a wet vacuum and finally the paved surface is sealed.

It’s a simple process that if done now will pay off handsomely in the future – and you’ll have your foresight to thank for the results!