The ultimate non slip flooring choice

Making your place of business safer is very easy and affordable, thanks to iRock non slip flooring. Not only will our revolutionary flooring system provide a fantastic natural look, it will instantly improve the safety of your floor. With the increasingly litigious tendency in Australia today, it pays to invest in safety.

Safety, of course, is a very important thing. It’s not only about avoiding liability and protecting your image. It simply just feels bad when somebody has a tragic accident that could have been prevented.

iRock is an amazing flooring system that uses a special polishing technique to make ordinary tiles, concrete, stone, and other hard surfaces have dramatically more traction, helping to prevent slips and falls, even when wet.

Of course, this does not mean that ordinary levels of care should not be taken. Common sense should always prevail, particularly when safety is the issue in question. But with our special iRock diamond-cut polishing technique, your floors will be safer, more durable, and better looking.

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Why hard floor surfaces need special treatment

Hard surfaces like stone, tiles, concrete, and pavers are naturally slippery, and they’re especially slippery when they’re wet or contaminated by certain kinds of substances like detergents, paint, oil, and other such things. The more smooth and less porous the surface is, the more noticeable the slipperiness problem will be, but even a highly porous surface can still have a problem.

There are many different ways to deal with this kind of issue, with each having their own individual pros and cons. iRock is just one of the possible solutions, but it is actually the most easy and probably the most affordable, too.

That’s because unlike other methods, iRock does not involve adding anything extra to the surface. We simply cut, polish, and seal the surface for a perfect non-slip coating.

What makes the concrete or other hard surface slippery when wet is a condition called surfactance. This condition, as it sounds like, involves substances called surfactants, but what you might not realize is that almost any substance can act as a surfactant for these surfaces.

The water or other substance forms a bead on top of the surface, reducing traction between the sole of the foot and the surface of the ground. Without proper traction, your foot slips instead of gripping. It’s exactly the same problem that causes cars to get stuck in mud.  The wet mud is too smooth for the tyre tread to obtain proper traction, and unless traction is restored, the car will just get more and more stuck in the mud.

Our technique for finishing the flooring surface makes sure there will be plenty of traction available to help prevent those slips. With this floor finishing process, the foot grips instead of slipping.

We can get your floor ready fast

Upgrading your floor is a quick process that can often be completed in less than a day. Plan ahead properly, and you won’t even need to lose a single hour of trading time. We’re here to help, so if you need any advice about upgrading to a non-slip floor with iRock, give us a call 1300 131 271.

We are passionate about the restoration, rejuvenation, cleaning and sealing of natural stone, unglazed tiles and concrete.

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