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Tile Repair Professionals in Melbourne

At iRock Finishes, we have many years of experience and we use the best industrial machinery for tile restoration and repairs. Our extensive experience and highly specialised tools enable us to fix up any problem under the sun including the following;

Why you should hire professionals to repair cracked tiles

Cracked tiles are pretty hard and quite fragile which makes them prone to cracking under pressure. But what makes this problem so annoying is the fact that it might be incredibly hard to get that exact tile type and shade on the market again. Manufacturers are continuously changing and discontinuing designs and you might not be able to find a similar replacement at all. Fortunately, we offer cracked tile repairservices and can fix this issue for you. We use a specific glue to stick broken tiles together again and our flawless technique results in a near perfect job.

Broken tiles

These are a lot tougher to repair if they are repairable at all.  In this case, we will stick together as many parts of the broken tile as possible and fill the gaps with suitable filler that matches as best as possible. The tile will then be graded and honed until it looks like it belongs there.

Tile replacement

If you still have a few backup tiles lying about or if you can find an exact match for the one that’s broken we can get it completely replaced without any issues.

Tile grout repair

Grout has a tendency to erode over time. We can get these holes and grooves filled so they look as good as new.  Our tile repair experts will also clean your tile grout professionally so the entire area will look completely restored.

Reseal Your Tiles

Sealant is important when it comes to both functionality and durability. iRock Finishes can get old tile sealant removed, we can refresh your tiles and we can reseal them for you so they will look brand new.

Does the sight of a broken or cracked tile annoy you? Or perhaps your tiles are all scratched, stained and worn from many years of use? Whatever the case may be, it is clear that you need the help of the team here at iRock Finishes.

We specialise in tile repairs in Melbourne and our experts have the skills and experience to work with all kinds of tiles to restore them to their original glory.

We Can Repair Any Type Of Tiles

There is no tile that is too rare or too fragile for iRock Finishes. Our flooring experts can get any type of tile fully repaired including;

  • Ceramic
  • Limestone
  • Marble
  • Slate
  • Porcelain
  • Wood effect
  • Terracotta
  • Decorative
  • Travertine
  • Marble
  • Granite

If you need a skilled professional for tile repairs in Melbourne then please give us a call on 1300 131 271 and we will get your problem solved quickly and efficiently.

Tile Repairs By Melbourne’s Finest Finishers

We all expect that when we first put tiles in our home at some point, we will have a few little cracks and breakages as the years roll by. For most, getting away with just a few minor blemishes would be a dream in comparison to years of wear and tear that can leave tiles scratched, broken, cracked, loose and dulled considerably. However, before you decide that the best move is to tear them up and find new flooring or surfaces, we encourage you to consider tile repairs by Melbourne’s finest finishers, aka, the team right here at iRock Finishes.

We have seen it all and repaired it all before. Fifteen years working diligently in the homes and business premises of thousands of Melbourne residents, not to mention all across Victoria, has earned us a level of expertise that is seldom rivalled.

At iRock Finishes, when we say that we can repair any type of tiles, we mean it. Our team has amassed a superior level of knowledge with regards to the correct methods to use on a huge range of tiles and we continually seek to make additions and amendments to the way that we do business in hope of making our services that bit more exclusive and of the highest level.


Rip Up Your Tiles or Repair?

Grout can come loose and this can pose a potential trip hazard, which could potentially impact on the wellbeing of those that occupy the space. What’s more, shards of broken tile that come loose make for dangerous debris, and a build-up of grease or mould and mildew can have a detrimental effect on the air quality in these rooms.

Here at iRock Finishes, we have met plenty of fellow Australians that have been advised to simply rip up their tiles at the first sign of trouble. Regardless of whether you require cracked tile repair or if you simply want to restore your tiles to their former glory, rest assured that we can achieve all of this and more for you.

The problem with ripping up your tiles is that they are embedded into the surface before. Skilled professionals can encounter difficulty in this regard and in some cases have no choice but to lift some of the foundation below with the tile in order to remove it.

Think of a floor that has been in place for a decade or more. With wear and tear and regular footfall, you can be absolutely confident of the fact that it is very strongly bonded to the surface below.

Replacing your tiles could wind up costing you more as a result of the repairs required to restore the surface below. Repairing what you have affords you the benefit of achieving a look you already love, however, enhanced and restored to its former glory. All for a whole lot less.


Putting Our Expertise to Work for You

At iRock Finishes, we understand the conditions and challenges faced by those living in Victoria. Our services are designed to afford you the best possible tile repairs in Melbourne, while also taking into consideration the health and safety concerns you might have. Rest assured, by taking appropriate measures to repair and restore your tiles, you are safeguarding both those that share the space, as well as your investment.

Contact iRock today to discuss your tile repair needs

We encourage you to get in touch with our team before you make a decision to rip up those tiles that have served your family for so long. Our highly knowledgeable technical support team are always on hand to offer advice over the phone or to book an appointment with our specialists. Here at iRock Finishes, we look forward to putting our expertise to work for you.

iRock Finishes service Melbourne and beyond. If you need tile restoration in Melbourne or tile sealing restoration in Bendigo we will come to you.

The team here at iRock Finishes are the professionals that you can trust with your stone surfaces. We will deliver results that will exceed expectations and we will always put what you want first.

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At iRock Finishes, we’re passionate about the restoration, rejuvenation, cleaning and sealing of natural stone, unglazed tiles and concrete. We provide a personal, professional service and pride ourselves on our integrity and work ethic.

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