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Your floor needs a non slip surface coating

Nobody can afford to be complacent when it comes to floor safety. Slips and falls are acknowledged as one of the leading causes of injury in Australian workplaces, and the liability potential is too serious to ignore. The fact that falls occur so commonly is indeed a cause for concern because most of those falls are easily preventable just by getting a simple floor treatment.

The non slip surface coating developed by iRock will make your floor as safe as it can possibly be, helping to prevent slips with the improved traction potential. Slipperiness is caused by a loss of traction between the sole and the ground surface. Our specially formulated durable high tech coating contains special ingredients that prevent that condition from arising. It’s not just a small increase in traction, but a very noticeable one.

Non Slip Floor safety is all about traction

It’s easier to slide on a hard floor while wearing socks than if you have bare feet or shoes. That’s because socks have terrible traction. The woven fibres are too smooth to provide much of a grip with the floor surface, and if the floor itself is also smooth, that’s actually squaring the slipping potential. The idea of flooring safety is to reduce the smoothness, thereby increasing traction. In the ideal scenario, even a stockinged foot should not be able to slip on a properly treated floor.

Experts in non slip floor coatings

The iRock company are experts about flooring systems. We’ve been in the non slip floor coating business for many years now, and there is no challenge we have not been able to overcome. We work with floors of all kinds, and we always get excellent results, every time. Even if your existing floor is in really bad condition, we are sure to be able to restore it to an as-new condition, and it’s likely to cost a lot less than you might expect.

A single solution that achieves many objectives

When you enhance the safety of your flooring by upgrading it with iRock, you’ll also be beautifying and protecting the floor surface. We’ll remove unsightly chips, cracks, and blemishes. Your floor will have a lustrous shine and as-new appearance. And, of course, your floor will have a perfect anti slip coating to help prevent accidents.

It’s the one thing you can do for your floor that will make a wonderful difference in every way imaginable, and the best part is that it’s really affordable. You won’t have to close your business for days on end or endure noisy renovation works. We’ll get it done quickly, cleanly, and efficiently with minimal disruption.

Call us to discuss the best non slip floor coating for your premises

We’d love to talk with you some more about all the ways iRock can help you achieve a safer and better looking floor. Give us a call on 1300 131 271 and ask us anything. We’ll have the answers to help you make the best decision.

We are passionate about anti slip flooring in Melbourne, by adding an anti slip floor treatment to your premises you will protect your customers and staff. Your premises may require a special non slip floor finish. For more information and the right advice contact us today.

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