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You need a non slip floor coating to protect your business now

No business can afford to not take safety seriously, and the biggest safety risk for most places of business involves slips and falls on hard surfaces.

Falls can be costly, not only due to direct liability, but also the damage it can do to your public image if people are injured at your premises. Fortunately, the good news is that it’s actually fairly easy to prevent the conditions that lead to falls.

All it requires is a simple investment in iRock non slip floor coating. This is an inexpensive and fast way to reduce the potential for falls by dramatically improving the traction level of your hard floor surfaces. This treatment works for tile, marble, stone, concrete, and even brick. Yes, brick, the most notoriously slippery hard flooring choice of them all.


How the non slip floor coating works

Part of the success of this system is due to the properties of the substance used for floor treatment, and the other part is due to the special finishing technique we use for every iRock floor treatment.

Slips are caused by loss of traction between the ground surface and the sole of the foot (or shoe, as the case may be). The hardness of the floor surface has a direct bearing on how slippery it is likely to be. It takes far more effort to slip on soft surfaces because they naturally have more inherent traction.

Our non slip floor coating system adds more traction to your floor surface, and even the hardest and smoothest floor surface will benefit greatly from the application of iRock to improve sa
fety. Tiny particles in the treatment coating create an ultra fine traction layer that is hard wearing and long lasting.


This non slip floor treatment will also beautify and help protect your floor

Safety is obviously the most important consideration, but it is also good to know that treating your floor with iRock will improve the long term durability of the floor surface, and also help to improve its appearance. It really is the best way to give your floor an instant upgrade.

The process is fast and inexpensive. With good planning, you won’t need to miss a single day of trading. The quiet and quick action of our machinery ensures minimal disruption, and the chemicals used will dry quickly with no unpleasant odours or tackiness.

The floor will look the best it ever has, and you’ll be pleased to know you’ve made a significant difference to how safe your floor is.


We can answer all your non slip floor coating questions

If you’d like to know more about how iRock can make your floor safer, contact us on 1300 131 271 with your questions. We’ll be very pleased to provide the answers and help you decide on the best options to suit your needs. Our knowledgeable flooring technicians have experience working with all kinds of floor surfaces and will be able to provide the expert advice you are seeking.

We are passionate about anti slip flooring in Melbourne, by adding an anti slip floor treatment to your premises you will protect your customers and staff. Your premises may require a special non slip concrete coating. For more information and the right advice contact us today.

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