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Non slip concrete coatings

As a building material, concrete offers many advantages. One of the unfortunate drawbacks, when it’s used for flooring, is that it can have a tendency to be slippery, especially when it gets wet. The good news is that this problem can be easily corrected by using non slip concrete coatings.


iRock can help with all your non slip concrete coatings needs

We’re experts in making concrete floors less slippery. In fact, we are really very good at it. We do this by improving the traction potential of the concrete, using special chemical formulations and polishing techniques to overcome the natural slipperiness of concrete and make it safe for people to walk on without fear of falling.


Every commercial building needs concrete coatings

If you’re running a business, it’s crucial to take safety seriously. Slips and falls are one of the leading causes of injury in Australian workplaces, and when it comes to members of the general public, the stakes are even higher.

Liability claims can be costly and time-consuming, and then there’s the negative publicity you can receive on top of it all. The fact that it’s all so easily avoidable is what makes those slip and fall statistics even more shocking. Why is this happening when it’s not necessary? We have the technology to make almost any hard floor surface into a non slip surface.

In recent times, Australian society has been becoming increasingly litigious, so you have to expect that if somebody gets injured, you’ll end up paying for it. Even if you have insurance, it can still end very badly if you’re found to have contributed to the injury due to negligence. That includes failing to take adequate precautions to prevent the possibility of a fall.


iRock use surfactants An easy on slip concrete solution

The truly beautiful thing about getting your concrete treated by iRock is that it’s all so very simple. There’s no astronomical cost involved – in fact, you’ll be amazed by how affordable it is – and the whole process is extremely quick and non-disruptive.

The end result will provide you with a much safer concrete surface, plus the surface will gain added durability following the process. It will even look better after the job is complete.


Works for all kinds of concrete

Whether your concrete is indoors or outdoors, we will have the right solution to make it safer for you. It will work on any kind of cured concrete surface, and you’ll see the results immediately.


Contact us today to learn more about non slip concrete coatings

Not only do you not need to wait to get your concrete treated, you shouldn’t wait. It’s something you should arrange right now by calling us on 1300 131 271. Why the urgency? Because every moment you delay is a potential chance for you to incur liability if someone suffers an injury.

Don’t take the risk. It’s not necessary. You can so easily put our solution to work for you, and it really works. It’s the best way to avoid a slip and fall accident occurring on your premises.

This is an investment in safety, and that’s never a bad idea at all. Call us now to arrange for your non slip concrete treatmentM.

We are passionate about anti slip flooring in Melbourne, by adding an anti slip floor treatment to your premises you will protect your customers and staff. Your premises may require a special non slip floor finish. For more information and the right advice contact us today.

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