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Here’s why you need an anti slip floor coating

According to data collated by SafeWork Australia, slips and falls are the second highest cause of workplace injuries in this country. That’s just the statistics for injuries to the employees of a business. It doesn’t take into account the potential liability you can face when members of the general public suffer an injury at your premises.

It’s certainly bad news if your employees suffer injuries due to slips and falls, but that’s nothing compared to how costly it can be when someone else suffers an injury in this way. The liability can be astronomical, and thanks to the recent trend for Australians to take even the most minor matters to court, the chance is high that if you don’t act to prevent falls, you sooner or later will be standing before a judge.

Something you can do about it right now is to get an anti-slip floor coating from iRock. This will ensure your floor surface is as safe as it possibly can be, saving you from potential liability, embarrassing negative publicity, and lost productivity when the victims of falls are your own employees. This is such a simple solution, and it’s very affordable, too – certainly a lot more affordable than going to court because you didn’t do anything about your slippery floors.


iRock are your local expert anti slip floor coaters in Melbourne

We have many years of experience in treating and rejuvenating all kinds of floor surfaces, and we are always keeping up with the latest technological developments in our industry. Whatever kind of floor surface you have installed now, be it marble, concrete, brick, pavers, tiles, or anything else, we will know the perfect way to give it that important anti slip coating you need.

Not only that, but our process will also help to rejuvenate the appearance of the flooring itself, prolonging the lifespan of the floor while also making it safer. It’s definitely the best thing you can do for your floor and one of the most important safety investments you will make in protecting your business from liability and lost productivity.


Longest lasting most cost effective anti slip floor coating in Melbourne

iRock will give you the best deal and the most efficient and effective workmanship, ensuring the job is completed quickly with minimal disruption to the workplace. We do a great job every time, and we know that the results of what we do are important. You can count on us to do the job properly and in the best way.

Our methods are fast, don’t produce lingering odours or excessive dust, and will not inconvenience your employees or customers if the work is scheduled to take place at an appropriate time.


Call to discuss your anti slip floor needs today

If you have any questions at all about how iRock can help, we’re only a phone call away. Our number is 1300 131 271, and our expert flooring technicians have all the answers to help you make an informed decision. Call today and take the first step towards having safer and more beautiful flooring in your workplace.

We are passionate about anti slip flooring in Melbourne, by adding an anti slip floor treatment to your premises you will protect your customers and staff. Your premises may require a special non slip concrete coating. For more information and the right advice contact us today.

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