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Floor Sealing Melbourne

Sometimes it is worth taking an alternative route when finishing the floors in your home. Marble and concrete finishes can be found in a variety of homes and business premises all across Australia, but for some, it is essential to stand apart from the crowd. As such, those that are truly dedicated to presenting a pristine, flawless image year on year, or that simply want to achieve a truly eye-catching finish, should consider the benefits of floor sealing in your Melbourne home.

It is important to get your floors sealed off after getting a treatment or after getting them installed because the sealants offer great benefits such as the following;

  • Your floors will shine much more once the sealant is applied
  • The sealant brings out the natural colours of your flooring materials for a much more vibrant appearance
  • The sealant protects the surface from getting scratched
  • The sealant also prevents oils, greases, acids, and chemicals from sticking which can prevent staining
  • Floor sealants greatly extend the durability of your floors
  • The sealant protects grout from getting stained
  • With sealants, you don’t have to pay for professional cleaning as often


Floor sealing for all types of materials

Any type of floor can be sealed but it is important to use the right type of sealant for your specific material.

We can seal and protect the following types of flooring:

Stone Floors

We can seal any type of stone floor including those that are very rare.

Tile Floors

Our experts are excellent at restoring various types of tile floors like ceramic, porcelain, granite, marble and more and can get these surfaces sealed up tight for a durable and shiny finish.

Marble Floors

Luxury floors like marble are also perfectly safe in our hands.  We take great care when treating and sealing these expensive and often-irreplaceable floor types so you never have to worry.

Cement Floors

– iRock Finishes can grind and seal concrete floors for you no matter how raw the floor’s original state may be. Our industrial diamond machinery will get all of those hard and rough surfaces smoothed out to perfection and we will then polish them with the finest grade diamonds for a smooth, silky and crystal-like finish.


Importance of Floor Sealing

At iRock Finishes, one of the services that we provide is a grind and seal for concrete floors. In a nutshell, this process does exactly what it says on the tin, it grinds and then seals flooring. In terms of what you can hope to achieve for your home or business premises, there is a range of finishes that can be accomplished.

A zero exposure finish essentially involves removing the top layer of concrete for the purposes of a coating. Traditionally this is found in garages or warehouses. A partial exposure is where our team endeavour to remove a deeper layer from the surface. The end result is a consistent, flat and polished surface. Finally, a full exposure finish goes even deeper, several layers below in order to expose the maximum number of stones.

Depending on which floor you plan to have this work carried out on there is also the possibility to achieve a matte or gloss finish. Either way, you are certain to have a unique and exquisite new look for your floor that is certain to impress.

Best of all, if your current floor is badly marked or bears the signs of heavy wear and tear, then the team here at iRock Finishes can remove any blemishes. Given that we are specialist floor sealers in Melbourne, you can expect a clear and protective coating to seal in our sublime work and ensure that you have a relatively low maintenance end result.

Are you tired of trying to polish out scratch marks and stains from your beautiful floors? If so, it is time to invest in floor sealing so those floors will stay protected and you’ll no longer have to pay for or do all of that work yourself.

At iRock Finishes, we offer professional floor sealing in Melbourne that produces amazing results. We can grind down, refresh, hone, polish, buff and seal off any type of flooring and our services are perfectly suitable no matter how big or small your space might be.

Floor Sealing Professionals for Melbourne Homes & Businesses

At iRock Finishes, we specialise not only in this technique but we are also the best in the business when it comes to marble and stone restorations as well as a variety of polishing services. In our 15 years servicing Melbourne and working with countless homeowners and business owners across Victoria, we have established our dedication to craft, quality and customer service that must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

We understand that you have invested a considerable amount of money into the surfaces on your premises and so we want you to have full faith in our diligence and expert care. To this end, we promise you nothing short of a thorough understanding of a vast range of cleaning and sealing methods, as well as access to a team of craftspeople that can achieve exceptional results in terms of correcting and preventing tile deterioration, salt attacks and stain removal, among many other issues that threaten the finish of your surfaces.


Contact us today to discuss your floor sealing options

At iRock Finishes, we love the variety of finishes that can be achieved by employing this particular method to your concrete flooring. What’s more, once the job is complete you can expect that surface to be much more resistant to stains and it will also prove hard work for bacteria to embed in. All in all, you end up with a quality finish that is eye-catching and promotes good hygiene.

We also offer non-slip floor finishes as well as non-slip concrete coastings.

Those that wish to discuss the possibilities of grind and seal floor finishes are invited to make contact with the team here at iRock Finishes today. We promise nothing short of great service and a superb finish.

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