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Concrete Sealing Cleaning Melbourne

Over the years we have been restoring concrete flooring, countertops, driveways and much more and we have come up with the best possible ways to get damaged concrete looking like new again.

Here are a few of the many services our concrete experts can do for you;

Concrete cleaning – If you’re in Melbourne and your concrete floor, wall or benchtop is looking old and tattered, we can help.  We can clean any concrete surface for you including concrete floors, polished concrete floors and counters, concrete driveways and more. Our professionals can get any stains, discolouration or marks on your concrete removed so the entire area will look brand new.

Concrete repair – Concrete has a tendency to crack or erode over time or if the installation wasn’t done perfectly.  iRock Finishes can get all these small to large concrete issues from scratches to cracks to entire new surfaces repaired and restored for you so you can once again enjoy a beautiful surface.

Concrete sealing – This step basically involves adding a protective coating over your concrete.  This protective coating will strengthen your surfaces, prevent damage such as scratches, stains and acid burns and will also give your concrete surfaces a beautiful and vibrant shine.  Once concrete surfaces are sealed off you can use and enjoy these surfaces to the fullest without having to worry about cracking or scratching.

Concrete floors and driveways are extremely popular in Melbourne. Everyone seems to be in love with the characteristics and benefits of polished concrete floors and concrete driveways are visually appealing, affordable and functional.

But like all surfaces that get used frequently, concrete also tends to get dirty, scratched, stained, cracked and crumbly.

If you are in need of a good concrete sealing and cleaning company that can help to improve the appearance of any concrete surface, you have come to the right place. iRock Finishes are experts when it comes to floor cleaning, restoring and sealing. In fact, we can clean, repair, reseal and improve any concrete surface for you in no time at all.

Ask Us About Our Concrete Polishing Services

If you want to fully transform your concrete surfaces, you should definitely consider our concrete honing and polishing services. We can take any concrete area and transform it into a smooth and glossy surface with a mirror-like shine.

Here is a quick guide on how we can transform your dull and textured concrete surfaces into a smooth and glossy area;

Clean – The entire area is first cleaned off by using pressure washers and stripping agents that will remove all oils and the build-up of other substances

Repair – All cracks and eroded areas need to be repaired

Grinding – Grinding is done to flatten and smooth out the surface

Honing – Honing is the next step of the grinding process and it smooths out surfaces even more

Polishing – We use diamond technology polishers to create a silky smooth and shiny floor

Buffing – If you want your floors to be extra shiny and smooth then we can also buff the surface

Sealing – Concrete sealing is the final step which allows the concrete to bind, strengthens the stone and protects the area from scratches and damages

If you want to learn more about our concrete cleaning and sealing services, our concrete repair services or our concrete cleaning services then please give iRock Finishes a call on 1300 131 271.

Concrete Sealing and Cleaning Specialists in Melbourne

We would all love to have time every week to do the basic little up keeping jobs around the home that would maintain that fresh and new look, but the reality is that life will always get in the way of the best-laid plans. What this means for those with surfaces in their homes that are made from concrete is that while you have a sturdy and sublime finish to start with, over time, unless concrete sealing and cleaning is professionally done you could find yourself facing into a costly refurbishment project.

At iRock Finishes, we have visited countless homes where their outdoor surfaces show all the signs of wear and tear, as well as the toll that Mother Nature has taken. The good news is that once our team is on site, you can start to look forward to reclaiming your outdoor areas and turning back the clock. For 15 years we have worked for those living in Melbourne and across Victoria, delivering high-end cleaning, sealing and polishing services that are second to none.


Why Concrete Requires More Than Just Cleaning

Those unsure as to whether they require concrete sealing at their Melbourne home are best advised to consider this work not only an investment in the aesthetic appeal and value of your property but also as in investment into the safety and wellbeing of those that occupy and visit it.

At iRock Finishes, we appreciate that a degraded or dulled look inspires you to action. However, while this is something that is always worth remedying, in truth it points to the presence of dirt, grime, algae as well as stains and weed and organic growth, all of which can compromise the integrity of the surface.

If it’s slippy to walk on then you will likely be much more alert when guests are visiting, simply because you don’t want to see anybody injured on your premises. Those that have power washers in their homes will quickly appreciate that while the job they help you do is decent, the problem will continually reoccur.

Concrete cleaning in Melbourne requires the attention of industrial machinery. At iRock Finishes, we use diamond polishing systems as well as dust free diamond cutting technology to give a comprehensive and thorough cleaning that will eradicate so much more than a conventional cleaning tool can, and without necessitating a major time requirement.

Our concrete sealing services complement this work perfectly by safeguarding your surfaces and ensuring that cracks and breakages are remedied and future proofed, given that all of our sealers come with 15 year warranties. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about watching cracks spread, or tripping and potentially injuring yourself on your own property.


We Invest So You Don’t Have To

At iRock Finishes, we have a huge range of sealers at our disposal so that when we visit your home, you can feel certain that we will have the best and most appropriate solution for the surfaces. We invest in the best and latest technologies so that you don’t have to.

Naturally, there are plenty of DIY enthusiasts out there but for the majority of folks, really bringing up that original look, and seeing to it so that the cracks or breaks or porous patches in your concrete are properly addressed requires the attention of the team here at iRock Finishes.

Our team is always available on the phone should you require technical support, so if you are seeking out concrete repair specialists, or if you are unsure if sealing concrete will add value and protect your surfaces, get in touch. We look forward to bringing our expertise to your home and delivering a level of service that exceeds your expectations.

We are passionate about the restoration, rejuvenation, cleaning and sealing of natural stone, unglazed tiles and concrete.

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At iRock Finishes, we’re passionate about the restoration, rejuvenation, cleaning and sealing of natural stone, unglazed tiles and concrete. We provide a personal, professional service and pride ourselves on our integrity and work ethic.

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