Marble/Stone Restoration

With innovative diamond polishing systems our specialist technicians are able to achieve a wide range of finishes. We use the latest in dust free, diamond cutting technology to achieve amazing results in the removal of scratches, acid burns and oils spills leaving the surface with a sealed and maintainable finish.

iRock Finishes has spent the last 15 years establishing itself as Melbournes leading service provider for all types of marble/stone repairs and restoration – regardless of the stone floor type, or the size of the property.

iRock Finishes is the number one provider in Melbourne, delivering you the quality service that your floors deserve. When it comes to marble and stone restoration, we believe attention to detail, dedication and taking pride in our work are what sets us apart form the competition.

iRock Finishes have worked with a wide variety of clients from Luxury Apartments to high end Body Corporates as well as 5 star Hotel Chains. We also work with all residential clients of al sizes, all across Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

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Are your marble floors covered in scratches? Perhaps your stone floor is full of dents? Maybe you’re tired of looking at your dull benchtops? If yes, we’ve got some great news as we specialise in professional marble and stone restoration in Melbourne and we’d love to help you.

Stone restoration services for all your surfaces

At iRock Finishes we have all the expertise and industrial machinery that is needed to restore and refresh any marble surfaces including the following;

Marble floors – Marble floors are usually the most challenging to restore because floors are the area that endure the highest traffic due to constant use. Marble floors are incredibly tough but even these strong floors can get scratched and dulled by all the scuffing of feet, furniture, and animals. We offer a stone floor restoration service that can fully restore your marble floors so they will once again have a mirror-like shine. 

Marble benchtopsMarble benchtop restoration is carried out using specialised techniques and innovative diamond polishing systems. We also seal off these surfaces so they will once again be protected against stains and cracks.

Marble splash backs – We can get any acid stains, oil stains and scratches removed from your marble splashbacks and will polish these areas back to their original smooth condition.

Marble wall tiles – Marble wall tiles are no problem for our experts. We can clean off any build-up from your marble tiles and will polish and seal these areas for a durable finish.

The process of marble surface restoration

Stone restoration services are quite complex and you really do need to rely on expert help to get these luxurious stone surfaces restored. The last thing you want is to end up damaging your delicate and often irreplaceable marble surfaces. We take great care during restoration, and only use the best equipment and techniques to restore your surfaces.

Here is a quick guide on the process we follow;

Strip and clean – The first step is to strip marble surfaces of the build-up of additives, greases, oils, and dirt.

Honing – We then improve the marble surfaces to remove all scratches and stains.  Some property owners request us to stop after honing surfaces because they prefer the matte and slip-free texture of honed marble surfaces.

Polishing & Buffing – The floors are polished by using diamond polishing systems and can be polished according to your shine preferences.  The floor is then buffed for that extra smooth and shiny effect.

Sealing – If you want to get your marble sealed, we can also take care of this process for you. Crystallisation is done to create a microfilm on the surface of the marble.  This method brings out the colour of your floors and lends extra strength and protection.

If you are in need of professional stone restoration services, please give us a call on 1300 131 271 to make a booking.

We are passionate about the restoration, rejuvenation, cleaning and sealing of natural stone, unglazed tiles and concrete.

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