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Stone & Marble Restoration in Mornington Peninsula

When you installed the marble or stone floors in your home this likely cost you a decent wedge of cash but the finished effect more than delivered in terms of a return on that investment. While most people start out with good intentions to clean and keep their home sparkling and in great nick, from time to time life gets in the way and care and maintenance of floors is the last thing on your mind. As such, one day you might look at those floors and feel that they’ve lost their lustre.

However, for stone restoration, Mornington Peninsula residents can turn to the team here at iRock Finishes deliver a service that is second to none. We have been serving Victoria for fifteen years and in that time have developed an enviable reputation as the professional team that bring the highest standards of integrity and work ethic to the homes and premises of those that we work for.

Our time in this industry has afforded us the know-how and expertise to cater to a vast range of issues and we can deliver the kind of results that you hope for, no matter how tough the job is that we are facing.


How Bad Cleaning Habits Can Dull Stone

Something that people rarely think about when they are struggling to get the results that they want while cleaning their stone surfaces is that the solution they are using may be part of the problem.

At iRock Finishes, we have completed many marble restoration jobs on Mornington Peninsula where the surface was significantly dulled over time. Our clients noted that they regularly cleaned the surface but failed to retain the once resplendent sheen that adorned their floors for many years. Wear and tear is one thing, but the failure to completely remove any residue after using floor-cleaning products can result in a build up.

Other clients noted that they regularly mopped their floors but once dried the same dullness manifested. If you have the time, it is worthwhile buffing your floors after cleaning. Whether you use a clean white cloth or a floor buffer will depend on what you have available, but in doing so, this will help resurrect the shine that you miss so much.

Something that is also overlooked when the time comes to clean the floor, and usually because of the inconvenience, is not changing the water during the cleaning process. It’s worth bearing in mind that after a few wipes you may have picked up and removed a lot of dirt, which is now in the water. Dirt will log into the grout, which can bring about deterioration over time.


Stone Restoration Service on Mornington Peninsula

At iRock Finishes, our smart diamond polishing systems are a dust-free solution that will bring out the best in your surfaces and seal them in a manner that will require minimal maintenance. No matter whether you are facing tile deterioration, efflorescence, spills, stain removal, picture framing or salt attacks, we have solutions that will exceed your expectations ready to deploy.

We are always available on the phone for those that require a little technical expertise and support. Those that wish to avail of our marble restoration services on Mornington Peninsula are encouraged to get in touch today. Even if you are thinking that your investment is losing its former appeal and its time to change, call and afford us the chance to change your mind and save you a few bucks in the process.

We are passionate about the restoration, rejuvenation, cleaning and sealing of natural stone, unglazed tiles and concrete.

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At iRock Finishes, we’re passionate about the restoration, rejuvenation, cleaning and sealing of natural stone, unglazed tiles and concrete. We provide a personal, professional service and pride ourselves on our integrity and work ethic.

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