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Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne

Concrete is a very durable product. Unfortunately, it is also highly porous making it particularly susceptible to staining. When it is used in garages or car parks, tyre marks and oils stains can commonly occur. Concrete in such areas should be sealed with an industrial-grade epoxy resin coating, which provides a maintainable and protected surface suitable for vehicles. Our epoxy coatings come in a wide range of colours and can be applied to any size surface area.

iRock Finishes has spent the last 15 years establishing itself as Melbournes leading service provider for all types of Concrete protection and restoration – regardless of the type of concrete or the size of the property.

iRock Finishes is the number one provider in Melbourne, delivering you the quality service that your concrete areas deserve. Driveways, polished concrete, paths, pools, work areas, indoor and out, iRock Finishes are the experts in the trade.

iRock Finishes have worked with a wide variety of clients from Luxury Apartments to high-end Body Corporates as well as 5-star Hotel Chains. We also work with all residential and commercial clients of all sizes, all across Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

Keeping your floor tiles clean and glossy is relatively easy but grout is a whole different story.  It isn’t easy to get between those tiny cracks to wash out all of that dirt. As a result, grout lines end up horribly stained, dirty and these areas often contain lots of germs and bacteria.

At iRock Finishes, we specialise in tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne. We will get all that dirt and grime removed, revive the natural colour of your grout and give the surface a completely new and fresh look.

How We Can Achieve Such Amazing Floor Cleaning Results

Most grout between tiles can be porous. Acidic or chemical cleaners cause damage to grout by staining it and wearing it down so it’s important that we use the best quality solutions that are both safe and effective.

In addition to using the best equipment and solutions, our tile grout cleaners follow a strict process to ensure the best results. This process involves;

Floor check – Firstly we will inspect the floor for loose tiles, cracked and damaged grout.

Tile restoration – Tiles that are scratched or faded can be restored.  We have industrial diamond technology polishers and buffers that can get any scratches removed from floor tile types like concrete, marble, granite and more.

Clean up – Once all damage has been restored professionally we will clean the entire surface by removing all furniture and loose items that might be on the floor.

Deep wash – We use eco-friendly products along with an industrial high-pressure cleaning machine to wash the tiles and grout. The solution we use and the high-water pressure will instantly blast away all dirt and will return the grout to its original colour by removing all stains from the grout lines.

Dry off – All moisture is extracted from the floors along with all dirt that might be left behind.

Polish – Once the floors are properly dried off we can proceed to the next and final step, which is polishing.

Consider Sealing to Maintain the Beautiful Look of Your Tiles

If you want to keep your tile surfaces clean, glossy and protected from scratching at all times, you should definitely consider sealing in addition to tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne. By adding a sealant your tiles will receive a protective layer that keeps acids and chemicals from causing staining in the first place. It is, however, important to request this service before we start step one of our process.

Old sealers first need to be stripped off the surfaces before we can apply a fresh coat. Sealer won’t just keep your tiles scratch and stain free but these sealers will also bring out all of the natural colours of your tiles and grout for a much more vibrant look.

To find out more about our tile and grout cleaning services or to book a professional floor tile grout cleaner now, please give us a call on 1300 131 271.

Tile Grout Cleaning Specialists in Melbourne

We are so used to making judgements about what we see based on how it looks. In truth, there are few instances where judging a book by its cover applies and is good advice. Those who invest in tiling for their home or business surfaces gain an incredible aesthetic boost for their premises that delivers the wow factor for as long as they are properly maintained. However, for tile grout cleaning that Melbourne home and business owners can depend upon to go deeper and root out those hidden things that may be lurking just out of sight, you need the team here at iRock Finishes.

We are very proud of our reputation in Melbourne and across Victoria. 15 years in the business says a lot about the kind of professionals that we are and we constantly strive to live up to and exceed this perception each and every day. To this end, we invest not only in great staff that have the kind of expertise we know our clients expect, but we also take the time to learn as much as possible about cleaning and sealing methods so that when we visit, you can feel confident about the fact that we are using the best technology and products available.

Tile Grout & Floor Cleaning Services

Have you ever noticed that one person in your family or office who cannot stop sneezing when they walk into certain rooms, no matter what you do? Naturally, we all assume that by eliminating pets and plants from a room this can alleviate the cause of allergic reactions. However, try tile and grout cleaning at your Melbourne premises for a change and see what a difference this can make.

The problem exists in those nooks and corners and perhaps even in the porous surfaces of your office or home. Not everybody does a thorough cleaning of the room, which can often lead to areas that are a little more difficult to reach being neglected. As such, mould and mildew have the chance to remain and grow.

Where this creates a problem is in terms of the quality of the air in that room. Spores can be released into the air that affects those with allergies, making things difficult and uncomfortable for them. With a tile grout cleaner from the team here at iRock Finishes on the job, you can feel assured that they will know exactly where to look, what to look for and which products and equipment will deliver the best solution.

Of course, everyone cleans from time to time, but another problem exists in terms of the chemicals used in some of these products, which can compromise the integrity of your surfaces, leaving them dull and the source of further air pollutants. Nobody likes to breathe in air thick with chemicals, but in tasking professionals with this work you can feel confident in the knowledge that the air your breathe poses no threat to you or anybody else.

Making Your Floor Space Cleaner and More Comfortable

A floor tile grout cleaner is the all-in-one solution for anybody that wants to not only clean and remove potential health hazards, but also for those that wish to take preventative measures to safeguard their surfaces for the months ahead.

At iRock Finishes, we have a variety of cleaning products, tools and equipment at our disposal and this will guarantee you a comprehensive solution that will not only bolster the appearance of your surfaces but will help make life that little bit more comfortable for those that share your spaces. Get in touch with the team today to book an appointment.

We are passionate about the restoration, rejuvenation, cleaning and sealing of natural stone, unglazed tiles and concrete.

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At iRock Finishes, we’re passionate about the restoration, rejuvenation, cleaning and sealing of natural stone, unglazed tiles and concrete. We provide a personal, professional service and pride ourselves on our integrity and work ethic.