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Tile and Grout Cleaning & Restoration Bendigo

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Bendigo Tile and Grout Cleaning & Restoration

Once your tiling is finished and in place the days that follow serve as an indicator as to where they will likely become compromised, whether that means as a result of spillages or if, for example, they are outdoors and the weather suddenly presents a threat to their integrity.

Regardless, you were more than aware that they wouldn’t remain blemish-free forever, but fortunately, even if the worst case scenario comes to fruition, the team here at iRock Finishes can bring our tile restoration service to your Bendigo home.

We are leaders in this industry and have been serving all of Victoria for fifteen years and counting. In that time we have established ourselves as a team of consummate professionals whose integrity is only matched by our work ethic. You can depend on us to bring personal service to your premises and to be fully equipped with the best of tools that will bring about the results that you hope for.


How We Do What We Do

There are plenty of people out there that like the challenge of finding the ultimate DIY solution that will spare them having to turn to the professionals. Those that manage to find a way to clean as deeply and thoroughly, and seal their surfaces as well as we can, we can only commend your efforts but expect that they came at a hefty price.

The reality is that tile and grout cleaning for Bendigo residents is a specialist service and we will use industry tried, tested and trusted products that pose no detrimental effect to your surfaces. DIY enthusiasts run the risk of using chemicals and products that may achieve a cosmetic result, but in time they might discover that those products had a negative effect below the surface and lead to a breakdown of the grout.

As such, here at iRock Surfaces, we have a process that we undertake on each tile and grout job that we complete. The first step involves preparing the tiles for the actual extraction of dirt and grime. Here we use a cleaning pad that is decided upon based on the density of the tiles as well as a rotary scrubber.

Once this is done, our technical specialists will use a wet vacuum to eradicate any and all unwanted matter that remains in the grout. Dirt, dust, pollutants and even the chemical residue left behind by soapy household products will be ousted.

Finally, careful consideration is given to the sealer that will be used and once this is in place, your tiles and grout will look incredible and have a barrier in place that will keep dirt and grime at bay for much longer. What’s more, its presence will also limit the amount of maintenance that you will have to undertake going forward to maintain this exceptional look.


Tile and Grout Cleaning Specialists Serving Bendigo

We believe that great tile and grout cleaning requires a great sealer to ensure that the work done stands the greatest chance of lasting for as long as possible. As such, we have a wealth of options ready to deploy and will choose the appropriate one for your surfaces. Best of all, no matter which one we use, it comes with a 15-year guarantee. That’s the kind of service and confidence that you won’t find in too many places.

So, if you have tried every product and scrub on the market and are still frustrated by the results and would like nothing more than to return your tiles to their former glory, then get in touch with us here at iRock Finishes and we will bring Bendigo’s ultimate tile restoration service to your floor.

We are passionate about the restoration, rejuvenation, cleaning and sealing of natural stone, unglazed tiles and concrete.

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At iRock Finishes, we’re passionate about the restoration, rejuvenation, cleaning and sealing of natural stone, unglazed tiles and concrete. We provide a personal, professional service and pride ourselves on our integrity and work ethic.